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Terms and Conditions of Recreational Vehicles Rental

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Statement confirming completion of instruction training.

Appendix No. 4. To be signed at vehicle transfer

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WARTA OWU AutoCasco Komfort ACK C6211

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WARTA OWU WARTA Moto-Assistance C4715

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WARTA OWU Zielona Karta ZK C2505

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Protokół przekazania samochodu / przyczepy do serwisu

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special licence to drive a motorhome?

A complete mass of every vehicle we offer is below 3500 kg therefore to drive our vehicles all you need is a driving licence category B.

What is a maximum number of sleeping spaces in a motorhome?

We offer Adria motorhomes including Coral XL Axess 670 DK where as many as seven people sleep comfortably.

Is there a bathroom in a motorhome?

Yes, every motorhome in our offer has a bathroom with a sink, a shower and a fully functional toilet.

Are motorhomes equipped with AC?

In every car there is an AC you may use continuously – when you travel and during your stays. Additionally, motorhomes are equipped with window blinds, curtains and mosquito nets what increases the comfort of travelling especially in the summer.

Is there a heating system in a motorhome allowing to travel in winter?

In our motorhomes there is an efficient heating system Trauma Combi 6E with a boiler and additionally electrically heated floor. All to ensure a comfortable travelling in a winter time, equally pleasant and warm to those in the summer.

Is it possible for a foreigner to rent a motorhome?

Yes, our offer is also available for foreigners. We speak English and the motorhome can be delivered straight to the airport.

Is there any warranty for the equipment standard?

Yes, at the pickup of the motorhome of your choice we sign a handing-over protocol, at the same time checking the completeness of the equipment and its technical condition.

What if I damage some of the equipment?

If we deal with a minor damage – e.g. a broken glass – we say “no worries, it’s for luck”. Other damages of equipment or vehicle body are calculated on the basis of invoices of Adria service in Poland Damages on the above-standard equipment will be calculated on the basis of costs of replacement of equipment.



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