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Podróż Camperem Norwegia 2018

Podróż rozpoczęliśmy od najdłuższego odcinka, jaki pokonaliśmy w czasie całej wyprawy. Z Torunia dotarliśmy w okolice Rygi na Łotwie.

Kolejny etap to podróż drogą Via Baltica do stolicy Estonii Tallina. Droga trochę w remoncie, ale...


Kuba Z.




We are the parents of 3 children: our daughter is 13, and boys are 6. Seven years of age difference is significant in that age and it has become ever more harder to find the entertainment for the entire family and for everyone to have fun at the same time. Two years ago our friends have recommended the trip to Legoland for the children’s day and that is how our yearly tradition of travels by a motorhome has started, with the target to visit the best amusement parks in Europe.

Natalia C.





In cycling, especially in amateur cycling, the appetite grows very quickly. More hills, more kilometres, more thrills. What if we were to tackle the hills of mountain stages of Giro d’Italia and feel the cycling emotions and cheer for the best? The idea for this year’s holiday and the preparation for it was born in course of months, but my friends didn’t hesitate long.We rented  a motorhome, packed our bikes and set off on a long trip for the 101st race around Italy.

Karol B.


My wife and I we have visited numerous campsites already. At the university we travelled a lot, usually hitchhiking with a tent. There were better and worse places, none of them made us give up that way of travelling. On the contrary, we looked up to Swedish or German tourists. We were amazed by their organization, equipment and the ability to install at a campsite. We promised ourselves, once we grow up (;)) and we are rich, we will do the same.

Krzysiek M.


Skiing holiday in a motorhome? It snows in the mountains every day, and the temperatures are below zero. At first that sounded ridiculous to us. We started inquiring, asking friends and finally decided to drive to Italy for skiing holidays, by a motorhome

Mariusz B.


We were planning to visit Masuria for quite a while. Last year, we almost managed to go there, when we were on a biking tour. We started off in Szczecin and our plan was to cycle throughout the entire seaside to reach Mrągowo, where my grandparents live. Then, we planned to take the train back to Poznań. Sadly, an unexpected weather change, constant tiredness of packing and unpacking of panniers and the numbers of cycled kilometres, along with the problems with accommodation made us end the journey in Gdańsk. This year we have decided to profit from a wonderful weather in June and we rented a motorhome. 

Marta W.



We have had an idea of a tour in a motorhome for quite a while. We were anxious about the long trip, about packing the 4-person family and our teenagers (14 and 16) handling the family vacation on a limited space. We decided to take a risk and to spend the May break in a motorhome.

Alina G.



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