Inspired by freedom

Start an unforgettable journey and get inspired by the things you meet on the road. Travelling in a motorhome allows you to decide about everything in your journey. Stop in places that you like best or discover the beauties of sunsets in a different place each morning. Forget about the limitations and let your dreams come true – the way you want. Have an unforgettable adventure with your friends. Let yourself feel a real freedom.


We help you create unforgettable moments

  • Comfortable travelling

    Choose one of our motorhomes
    and give yourself a highest standard
    of travelling and leisure.


    Time with your closest ones

    Spend time with your family
    and friends – where you want
    and in the most beautiful places.

  • Freedom and flexibility during your journey

    You can modify your travelling plans
    in any moment. Only you decide
    about the way your dreams will come true.

    Safety along the entire journey

    Even the most fun trip must be safe at the same time.
    Our motorhomes have approvals, homologations
    and collision, comprehensive and third party insurance,
    roadside assistance in a premium option to ensure
    a full warranty, safety and and peaceful mind.

Plan the holidays of your dreams and decide for yourself. Your travelling plans rely entirely upon you. We take care of your comfort and safety.




KILIG 50 2023r

This 6 person motorhome is an offer to those who appreciate comfortable travelling and highest standard of leisure.

Price from: 400.00 PLN / day

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Summer season / Winter season

Number of persons

Brak danych



6,97 m x Brak danych

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Choose a car from our offer that suits your needs best and enjoy the freedom you get from travelling in a motorhome.

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Podróż Camperem Norwegia 2018

Podróż rozpoczęliśmy od najdłuższego odcinka, jaki pokonaliśmy w czasie całej wyprawy. Z Torunia dotarliśmy w okolice Rygi na Łotwie.

Kolejny etap to podróż drogą Via Baltica do stolicy Estonii Tallina. Droga trochę w remoncie, ale...


Kuba Z.




We are the parents of 3 children: our daughter is 13, and boys are 6. Seven years of age difference is significant in that age and it has become ever more harder to find the entertainment for the entire family and for everyone to have fun at the same time. Two years ago our friends have recommended the trip to Legoland for the children’s day and that is how our yearly tradition of travels by a motorhome has started, with the target to visit the best amusement parks in Europe.

Natalia C.





In cycling, especially in amateur cycling, the appetite grows very quickly. More hills, more kilometres, more thrills. What if we were to tackle the hills of mountain stages of Giro d’Italia and feel the cycling emotions and cheer for the best? The idea for this year’s holiday and the preparation for it was born in course of months, but my friends didn’t hesitate long.We rented  a motorhome, packed our bikes and set off on a long trip for the 101st race around Italy.

Karol B.


My wife and I we have visited numerous campsites already. At the university we travelled a lot, usually hitchhiking with a tent. There were better and worse places, none of them made us give up that way of travelling. On the contrary, we looked up to Swedish or German tourists. We were amazed by their organization, equipment and the ability to install at a campsite. We promised ourselves, once we grow up (;)) and we are rich, we will do the same.

Krzysiek M.


Terms and conditions of rental

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions by motorhomes travellers.


Place and cost of pickup and dropoffof a motorhome
will be calculated individually upon request.

Do I need special licence to drive a motorhome?

A complete mass of every vehicle we offer is below 3500 kg therefore to drive our vehicles all you need is a driving licence category B.

What is a maximum number of sleeping spaces in a motorhome?

We offer Adria motorhomes including Coral XL Axess 670 DK where as many as seven people sleep comfortably.

Is there a bathroom in a motorhome?

Yes, every motorhome in our offer has a bathroom with a sink, a shower and a fully functional toilet.

Are motorhomes equipped with AC?

In every car there is an AC you may use continuously – when you travel and during your stays. Additionally, motorhomes are equipped with window blinds, curtains and mosquito nets what increases the comfort of travelling especially in the summer.

Is there a heating system in a motorhome allowing to travel in winter?

In our motorhomes there is an efficient heating system Trauma Combi 6E with a boiler and additionally electrically heated floor. All to ensure a comfortable travelling in a winter time, equally pleasant and warm to those in the summer.

Is it possible for a foreigner to rent a motorhome?

Yes, our offer is also available for foreigners. We speak English and the motorhome can be delivered straight to the airport.

Is there any warranty for the equipment standard?

Yes, at the pickup of the motorhome of your choice we sign a handing-over protocol, at the same time checking the completeness of the equipment and its technical condition.

What if I damage some of the equipment?

If we deal with a minor damage – e.g. a broken glass – we say “no worries, it’s for luck”. Other damages of equipment or vehicle body are calculated on the basis of invoices of Adria service in Poland Damages on the above-standard equipment will be calculated on the basis of costs of replacement of equipment.



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