KILIG 50 2023r

This 6 person motorhome is an offer to those who appreciate comfortable travelling and highest standard of leisure.


Total length

6,97 m


2,3 m

Max. engine power

170 KM


3,04 m

Max. number of adults

6 + 1

Masa włansa

2850 Kg
Designed for the highest comfort

130 KM power engine, RIMOR 50 Comprex car body and a rear camera ensure a comfortable drive. Use of state-of-the-art technology to construct an aerodynamic alcove (a sleeping area above the driver and the front seat passenger) not only adds to the image of the car but also ensures a maximum noise reduction even at higher speed.

Functionally designed interior

Comfort along the way is ensured by the: separate kitchen with a designated work area and storage area for food and necessary equipment, comfortable dining area, two sleeping compartments (in the front and in the back of the motorhome), a hotel-style bathroom with a separated shower and a toilet.

Multifunctional equipment

Travelling in a motorhome RIMOR allows you to profit from: an AC, modern and ambient LED lighting, window blinds, curtains and mosquito nets protecting you on from excessive sunlight and bugs. In a daytime area there is a TV with a DVD player. In a kitchen you can use a high pressure coffee machine (or a traditional coffee maker should you wish so).

Additional charging options

A motorhome is equipped with a solar system and an above-standard additional battery what allows a comfortable camping even in places with no electricity.

Select extras

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Sezon wysoki

609.76 PLN

Sezon średni

487.50 PLN

Sezon niski

406.50 PLN

Returnable deposit

3000.00 PLN

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